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Batch updates the first and third Tuesday of every month.
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Really wish you could schedule blogs in advance on Comic Fury, would really help a lot with scheduling. Only eight minutes late setting this up but still feel pretty guilty over it. So, next batch is live! Might notice we now have preview images for these, think it helps make the site look more dynamic. Added those a few days ago to the previous ones.

This time around we've got...

The Greatest Show on Earth:
Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
by Lizuka

Here we go, first of what'll really be considered a regular update. Feels a little odd being this backed up with submitting these as I'm in the midst of drawing a chapter 2 page but I imagine the gap will close on those as we go. Though does feel like the rate I've been drawing these at has gotten faster. Well, in either case, here's our second Gold Rush!

The Greatest Show on Earth:
Page 12
Page 13
Page 14
Page 15
by Lizuka
The first time we posted a Militant Gold-themed filler on Wright as Rayne was during the period in which we were only updating once a week, with a page that went up on DeviantArt mirror as a bonus. That was over eight years ago, and Militant Gold was planned well before that even. Narcisco was mentioned as early as chapter 4 of Wright as Rayne and that was in 2011, and the plans for it were already loosely in place before the comic even started.

It's something for a long time I really wanted to just get off the ground but it just never seemed to go anywhere, and late last year I decided if I couldn't find an artist I needed to just step to the occasion and try drawing it myself. There's been a lot of trepidation and there still kind of is but... Well, no sense getting bogged down in talking things over super in depth, let's just get to going over today's batch!

Chapter 1 - The Greatest Show on Earth:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11

Future batches certainly won't be this big; I wanted to get the comic kicked off with enough content to start getting a bit of a feel for it and lay some groundwork for things so here we are. The rest of the chapter's been drawn already and will be released in sets of four for the next few weeks until we're done; from there things might get a bit more variable, but generally the plan is to try to have at least 2, preferably 4; this approach is kind of largely just to give me some breathing room with other projects while I still get used to putting out art on the regular. The exception is when we post covers - those'll just be going up on their own, kind of a way to do the same sort of break between chapters we do with our other comics but while still leaving everyone something to take away in the meantime.

Really hoping everyone's going to enjoy the ride on all of this. Next batch will go up on the 20th, really hope everyone will come back for it.
by Lizuka